Harmonica for Beginners

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Let me tell you a secret: learning an instrument gives you a SUPERPOWER.

- Because we live in a society full of distractions and superficial stuff, studying an instrument will give you the ability to test your character, concentration and perseverance .

- Because it is an incredible brain massage , neurologists know this very well.

- Because later you could pass this knowledge to a loved one, achieving a beautiful connection.

What can you achieve with my E-book?

- You will learn to hold your harmonica properly to successfully achieve acoustic effects.

- You will have several songs and exercises to put into practice the execution of the single notes on your harmonica.

- You will learn the proper breathing techniques and all the secrets so that you will never get out of air.

- Every note (or cell) on your harmonica will sound crystal clear

- You will learn to do the hand tremolo effect. This technique is important to embellish your harmonica playing.

- You will be able to achieve a complete mastery of the aspirated bending, with various application exercises and some blues phrasing.

- You will make a repertoire of varied songs with all the tabs and scores. Audio tracks are included at normal speed and also at slow speed to make it easier for you to learn.


Without a doubt, it has been a great acquisition for taking some steps forward with the harmonica. I started 4 months ago before acquiring this book, but I did not find much motivation, even with some teachers. Since I bought it, my level of enthusiasm and dedication has grown exponentially. It is as if you had a tutor by your side at all times. Lots of tricks and details hard to find elsewhere. Sincerely, my congratulations to you.


It’s an exceptional, dynamic and informative book, I think it’s the best book for beginners! I feel that I have improvements, from not knowing anything about music to playing even a complete piece of music, I feel very happy. I know that I lack a lot of practice and that I have to do my part to improve. Thanks for your help.


As a beginner, it has been a fundamental help in improving myself in this wonderful instrument. The language is flat and the explanations are given step by step and in detail. Besides, when accompanied by the text with photographs, graphics and images, it becomes much easier to learn. Another thing that I liked is that it not only indicates how to play, but also explains how breathing works and the best ways to activate it correctly.

José Luis

Who am I?

I’m Bruno Berloto. Maybe you already know me through my YouTube channel. I have been a harmonica teacher for more than 20 years and I have given thousands of lessons (both in-person and online).


The e-book is 94 pages long and it’s available for instant download, including 107 audio files with exercises and songs.

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Harmonica for Beginners

8 ratings
I want this!